Success Stories

Success Stories

            Commercial : Our London firm, Kidd Rapinet has worked in conjunction with the clients’ lawyers’ New Delhi’ office in successfully opposing (at the first time of asking) an application made by American Claimants in the English Courts to register a Judgment of Texas in the High Court Court in London.   The other side’s contention that there was in effect no case to answer was successfully opposed at the first time of asking.   Additional time was bought.   This in turn enabled the clients to pursue a separate Appeal in the USA against the Texan Judgment and to collate further evidence to that end.    This matter also involved complex questions of cross border insolvency.

          Commercial litigation: Our London firm, Kidd Rapinet has worked in tandem with Swiss solicitors on a legal dispute where two sets of proceedings (arising from the same facts) had been issued in respectively Switzerland and English.   One principal question remained the forum conveniens for the resolution of the dispute.  This claim was eventually settled to all parties’ satisfaction on commercial terms.

            Commercial debt collection: Our London firm, Kidd Rapinet has worked both with and as agents for solicitors in Zurich on matters involving International debt collection and in particular the interpretation of agreements in relation thereto and the collection of monies owed by debtors in the UK.

            Employment: Our London firm, Kidd Rapinet has worked in conjunction with French lawyers in relation to a complex family and employment dispute in order to achieve a consensual resolution of same.

Family Law:  Our London firm, Kidd Rapinet has worked in conjunction with a firm of attorneys in the State of Nevada USA and arranging for a Reno divorce.   Between us it was a complete package instruction going so far as to obtain the best hotel rates available for the client and her husband.   This was an agreed dissolution and required both parties to reside in the State of Nevada for 6 weeks.   Naturalisation is then possible within 24 hours;  on the following day the parties are entitled to untie the knot inside one day.

Sports Law : Our London firm, Kidd Rapinet advised American lawyers upon the meaning interpretation and defence of contracts involving golfing stars on the International professional circuit.   The advice (somewhat ironically) concerned documents drafted by the very lawyer requesting it!

USA – Republic of Ireland – Tim Collins of our Cleveland, USA, firm, Thrasher, Dinsmore & Dolan, worked with our Irish firm, O’Gradys in advising a client on documentation to be entered into with a European company for the long term supply of highly-engineered ceramic core products for the investment casting industry headquartered in the United States, but selling throughout the world.  The initial draft of the agreement from the European manufacturer evidenced a comprehensive set of terms and conditions, many of them common to commercial transactions between U.S. companies.  However, the document invoked an Irish choice of law provision limiting the ability of counsel in the U.S. to fully analyse the document.  Accordingly, the Cleveland and Irish firms worked together to provide seamless advice to the client, who was then able to negotiate a version of the proposed agreement, including terms which are commercially reasonable and enforceable pursuant to Irish law.  The clarity of the advice, and efficiency of the interactions between US and Irish law firms were outstanding.

Germany and Greece: Our Duisburg, Germany firm, Kanzlei Dr Reuter has worked on German investments into Greece, which are supported by EU subsidies. The firm  has been providing substantial help and support for these initiatives (i.e. IT investments), activating EU a members of parliament to advice and promote the projects successfully.

Germany and Portugal: Our Duisburg, Germany firm, Kanzlei Dr Reuter has worked on investments into Portugal and Portuguese investments in Portugal itself, which are supported by EU subsidies. The firm has also been providing substantial help and support for a Portuguese investment into wine harvesting.

Germany and Spain: Our Duisburg, Germany firm, Kanzlei Dr Reuter has been working since 2014 on international  investments into Spain including Mallorca.

Company Law - Italy: Our Italian firm, CLG Italia advised on the acquisition of two companies in Italy for a Dutch corporation in the sector of heating and plastic pipe systems; they have also worked on share and asset deals concerning Italian companies (e.g. in sector of lifts and railways and in the sector of renewable energies). The firm is often instructed with the establishment of Italian subsidiaries of foreign corporations, and eventually with the day-by-day advice to the managers of the branch in many sectors, including food and agricultural machines; with the purchase of holiday houses in Italy (Tuscany and Sardinia the preferred destinations!)  as well as a number of litigation and arbitration cases in Italy where a foreign company is involved.